WIP Wednesday: The final



I feel my Wednesday WIP posts only ever show such small amounts of progress because of the small amount of time I get to sew that I may no longer write them. It’s really feeling like more of a filler post, than being anything of substance…and that’s not the content I want my blog to comprise of. So this will be the last WIP Wednesday post. I will probably do progress posts in the future, but they won’t be set on a specific timeframe. I feel this is how it needs to work for me right now.

1. Knitting to keep warm

Still my favourite night time project despite the dark colours I am working on now. This is still the back. I am worried this won’t be finished before winter is over, but I will keep plugging away as it will be nice to see a whole bag full of yarn emptied and a completed project in it’s place!

All four colours of this jumper.

All four colours of this jumper.

2. Sew My Stash Mini Quilt

I have starting cutting the fabric for this mini. Stay tuned!

3. Monochromatic Baby Quilt

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant ladies lately…which is lovely, and tough at the same time. Still, gifts are required and in order to churn them out quickly I have decided to try a simple whole cloth quilt. That is to say, I haven’t pieced a top or back. Rather, I am simply going to join to lovely fabrics and quilt with simple wavy lines.

The two fabrics that will comprise the two sides of this quilt.

The two fabrics that will comprise the two sides of this quilt.

These fabrics are both from Spoonflower. I wanted a simple black and white look for this quilt as I know it’s the sort of thing this mummy-to-be will like. I’ve basted it all ready to quilt over the next couple of days.


4. All the Other Things ongoing but not being worked on…

Secret Solids Project

Heart Quilt – still waiting to be basted

Aviatrix Medallion

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Bee Hive Quilt blocks – all up to date. Waiting on all my blocks to arrive.

Jelly Jam Quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Secret mini quilt.

Why am not working on all the other things…

Picnic lunch in the backyard

Winter in Sydney….Picnic lunch in the backyard

We read so many stories each day!

We read so many stories each day!

Concentration face!

Concentration face!


As usual I will be linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: The final

  1. Tash, love the knitting project and the pics of Ava! It might feel like a filler post for you but seeing the updated progress even if not as much as you would like to have achieved is still motivating from this end. G

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