50 Shades of…Blue

There have been a lot of baby quilts in my life lately! So many friends having babies, and it’s so lovely.

The hardest thing for this girl though, is in keeping the design simple so that it doesn’t take me months and months to get the quilt completed.

I was inspired by this quilt when it popped up in my Facebook feed one day. I thought it was such a simple, yet striking quilt for a little one and very easy to piece together. So I made it my mission to start collecting as much Kona as possible. Luckily my friend Sel from Mad Quilter’s Disease had completed an AMAAAAZING original quilt using 250+ Kona solids a couple of years ago (seriously, check it out here) so I knew she had lots of Kona in her stash that she would be happy to let me raid and pay for.

There’s probably not 50 shades of blue in this quilt…but it would come close.

64 different Kona colours

64 different Kona colours

I decided to cut 5″ squares, each a different Kona colour, and piece them together. I always get bored with the cutting side of things…but I managed to get it all done while my girl had her daytime nap one day.

Then, it seriously only took me another 2 hours in an afternoon to piece it all together. The quickest quilt top I’ve ever made!


I love the simple black and white text back.

I have always wanted to use the infamous Ikea Britten Nummer fabric to back a quilt, and figured it would be perfect for this quilt. I just love the simplicity of it, and I really didn’t want to piece a back together (feeling so lazy right now!).

When it came to quilting I knew I wanted a pale blue thread. I ended up choosing Aurifil (of course) shade 2846 in 40wt. The simple grid work quilting was another easy choice and one that I am really happy with. I love how it emphasises the grid work style of this little quilt.

Close up of the quilting

Close up of the quilting

The hardest part of making this quilt was choosing the binding colour…white, pale blues and many shades of greys were all considered. I’m really happy with the Kona Slate that I chose. I think it frames the quilt well, and given this quilt could potentially be dragged around by a  toddler one day, then I think the grey was a good option!

The quilt is still in transit as of a few hours ago, but I have no fears that this quilt is going to be loved by both mum and bub.

I love these colours so much!

I love these colours so much!

Now onto a girl version!!!

Details of the quilt:

Title: Prince Kona Charming Baby Quilt

Size: 37.5″ x 37.5″

Pattern: No pattern, just 5″ squares

Fabric: Kona…64 different shades.

Quilting: Straight line quilting either side of seams using Aurifil 40wt 2846

Binding: Kona Slate

Backing: Ikea Britten Nummer

Favourite Part(s): Collecting all the Kona fabric, chain piecing and quilting.

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