Finish Along 2015- My Q3 List

 2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Things have been quiet around here…I lost my blogging mojo! Now to get back into it by setting a few goals for myself, so here we go with my goals this quarter for the Finish Along series.

1. Secret Solids Project


Secret Solids...the beginning

Secret Solids…the beginning

The cutting has begun

The cutting has begun

I have completed three blocks for this quilt so far..6 full and 3 half blocks to go!

3. My C+S inspired quilt.

Essentially this will be an all Cotton + Steel quilt with my own pattern design. I’m also in a Cotton and Steel Charm swap at the moment so this will help motivate me to finish this and hopefully publish a pattern 🙂

This is part of what you will see in the finished quilt:

A sneaky peeky

A sneaky peeky

The fabric pulls for both projects 1 and 2 are seen here:

Yummy solids

Yummy solids


3. Baby Heart Quilt

For a special bub

For a special bub

It’s all basted ready for quilting and binding.

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