What is This Year all about?


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I’ve taken a bit of time to write this post as I wanted to put a bit more thought into it than I feel have done in previous years. When I sit back and think about my goal-setting process in the past I can honestly say it’s been a little less considered than it should have been, and quite possibly a big part of why I have not followed through on certain things as I would have liked to. For whatever reason (pressure on myself, or time-bound pressure as often is the case in the corporate environment) some years I have been quite unrealistic in what can be achieved and that has been known to break my spirit.

I know I have said it before, but having Peanut around has certainly taught me many lessons…one of them being that it’s OK to let go of perfectionist tendencies sometimes, and another is that it’s OK not to do “all the things”!

So far I’ve used a good part of my free time (the small amount there is) to really consider what is important to me right now. Spending quality time with Peanut and Hubby is the priority, but I also feel I need to be making a contribution (financially) again. I’ve mentioned it before, but I do have plans in my head for a little venture, and this year is about making it happen.

So what is 2015 going to look like…

2015 Goals List

2015 Goals List

I’m not going to go into detail about every item. I think you can see what each item is about…the detail will come over the course of the year as I progress with each goal.

Essentially, I want to create, simplify and celebrate.

  • CREATE an opportunity for me to contribute financially, create memories
  • SIMPLIFY my surroundings: that includes reducing the number of ongoing projects so I can stop feeling overwhelmed which will ultimately impact the goal above; decluttering the wardrobe, house and my sewing stash
  • CELEBRATE – my family, our experiences, my life. I have become so much more conscious of how quickly time passes now that Peanut is here and I want to ensure we continue to give her a well-rounded beginning with lots of happiness and joy.

One of the reasons I have spent more time mulling over these goals is that I wanted to bring together some tools that I feel will keep me on track. This year I am starting with something I know has been around for a little while…but is new to me. The One Little Word project is something I heard a bit about early last year, and it kept popping up in various blogs and on Instagram of people I follow. At the end of 2014 I had two words that kept popping into my head, so I decided I would follow the OLW project this year to help keep me moving in the direction I want to go. I will tell you a little more about  my word later in the month though.

Like many people I am a list lover…I particularly love crossing things off my list. But, I have been a notoriously bad keeper of lists. I used to have lots of pieces of paper stuck all over the place. This is one habit I wanted to change now. So I asked my lovely hubby for a new diary for Christmas (and he got me one with my name on it!!), this way I can keep everything together.

I am also loving my little WIP cards (I wrote about these here). They are working really well for me to keep on top of my WIP progress, so they are definitely staying in the arsenal.


I expect these tools will also help me keep on track with my Must Make List too. I’ll tell you all about that soon.

What will your year be all about?

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