A Lovely Year of Finishes: January Goal

I am yet to publish my posts outlining my 2015 Goals, and my Must Make List for 2015, so I am jumping the gun a little with this post. A Lovely Year of Finishes is a tool I plan on using this year to keep me on track with finishing my projects this year. Each month we link up twice a month…once to outline the project(s) you want to complete that month, and the second is to write about the completed project(s). So it means today I need to state my goal for January.

ALYOF image

I am just going to stick to one project this month. I am trying to be realistic with my goals given the limited time I have each day, and whilst I will try to complete more I don’t want to feel defeated at the end of the month if things haven’t gone to plan.

The one project I want to focus on in January is Baby A’s I Spy Quilt that I have written about in WIP posts like this one. Right now I need to finish the hand quilting (which will be tough in this hot weather!!), then label and bind it. Completely doable in 3.5 weeks!



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