A Handmade Christmas – Part Four

Welcome to the last post in my “A Handmade Christmas” series. I only managed 4 handmade gifts this past Christmas, but now I feel a bit more confident with balancing time to create and time to be with the family I think I will be able to manage more for the 2015 Christmas.

This gift was a bit last minute as the original gift was not going to be ready in time. When I realised time was going to become a factor I knew a backup was required, and by this time I did not want to deal with the Christmas shopping crowds!

The solution…figure a simple DIY option that still allowed mum and dad to end up with photos of Peanut. I was inspired by this post I had read…by the way, you should follow Elise’s blog if you are a creative or a new mum…she just keeps it real! Again, time wasn’t on my side so I couldn’t order photo magnets from the same place (they do ship to Australia which is great), so DIY it had to be.

After only a short amount of time searching I found this fabulous tutorial. It was all so easy…I just needed to get a couple of things I don’t have on hand at home – some adhesive magnet sheets and a decoupage coating product (I bought Royal Coat Dimensional Magic).

The hardest thing was choosing the photos.

A selection

Peanut selection!

Once the photos were selected I converted them all to 2″ x 2′” images at 300dpi in Photoshop and created a collage. I printed 12 photos per A4 sized photo paper. Once they were printed I then cut the images to size and stuck them using craft glue to 2″ x 2″ art board. The artboard gave the magnets some weight and depth which meant they could be easily removed from the surface they would be put on eventually (the fridge I imagine).

Next came the tricky step…applying the dimensional magic coating.

Applying the Dimensional Magic

Applying the Dimensional Magic

The idea was to apply the liquid without creating any bubbles in the surface. Any bubbles (like the one in the picture above) would need to be broken using a sharp pin. I found it was easier to burst the bubble if I waited about 5-10 minutes after first applying the coat.

I then left the magnets to dry overnight before cutting down the adhesive photo magnet to a fraction smaller than 2″x2″ size (this just allowed me some wriggle room with placement of the magnet).

Details of the adhesive magnet sheets I used

Details of the adhesive magnet sheets I used

Adding the magnet was just too easy as the sheets were adhesive. You can get adhesive magnet tape that comes on a dispenser just like normal sticky tape, but it’s only about 1″ wide (from memory) and I didn’t want to have to align two pieces of tape etc.


The finished magnets

So there you have it… a fairly simple way of creating your own photo magnets (you don’t even need to add the dimensional magic if you don’t want to…just stick your photo to the artboard and then add the adhesive magnet).

I love that it allows me to actually do something with all the digital photos I have, and that my parents can see how Peanut has grown over the 18 months she has been here. I intend to make more now for a few other family members, and to have some on our own fridge as well. Why don’t you give it a try yourself?

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