A Handmade Christmas – Part Two

OMG…this was such a favourite gift to make! I probably went a bit overboard for a 3 month old, but as soon as I found this tutorial for a series of felt hand puppets I knew I had to make the whole set for our nephew, Baby S!

My first job was to buy the felt I needed to complete all 9 puppets, so as I was going to Spotlight to grab fabric for baby A’s dress it was a no-brainer to get the felt there as well.

I actually had felt leftover from another project so I didn’t need as much as I originally thought, not spending as much is always good at Christmas time (or any time really!). Felt bought…next all I needed to do was print off the templates provided in the tutorial and off I went.

First puppet pieces cut and laid out

First puppet pieces cut and laid out

I quickly worked out that if I cut all the felt while Peanut was asleep, I could actually whip up each puppet in an hour or so (assuming Peanut didn’t need to be given any attention).

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Once this first one was completed I realised I needed to make the body of the puppet a fraction larger. The puppet just fit on my hand, and I know I have little hands (even for a girl) so if I wanted to be sure at least baby S’s mum could use them I needed to enlarge the pattern. I could have increased the actual template and re-printed, but I just kept it simple and cut an extra 5mm around the edge of the relevant pattern pieces.

Soon 1 became 3…

Cow, Duck, & Cat

Cow, Duck, & Cat

I was having so much fun with the puppets by this time, and so was Peanut. Oh, it was hard to tell her I had to pack all the puppets away when they were finished, she loved playing with each of them. I have to make her own set soon!

Within a couple of weeks (I wasn’t able to work on them every day), they were done!

Old McDonald's Farm!

Old McDonald’s Farm!

Just in case you are inspired to make your own, here is a shot of the back of the puppets. The original tutorial didn’t show the back of all the puppets in the one picture (which would have been a bit easier for me) so here is one in case you ever need it.

The backs

The backs

The only slight disappointment was the shape of the sheep’s head. It was hard to get that curvy, wooly shape at the top of it’s head. As I was sewing with felt and often had multiple layers to sew through I used my walking foot on my machine, and it doesn’t deal with curves very well. But, in the end, it’s a minor annoyance and certainly not one that will bother anyone else.

I have ideas for some different groups of animals/people/superheroes so you may see some more of these little gems on here in the future!  Seriously though, try it out for yourself…if you have any little ones in your life, they will love them!

Old McDonald had a farm!!

Old McDonald had a farm!!

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