Goodbye 2014:Hello 2015



Another year is drawing to a close and I do find myself looking forward, rather than looking back. Not because 2014 was a bad year…quite the opposite really….I was able to see 2014 through the eyes of a young baby/toddler, and it was brilliant…amazing!!

It’s because of those new eyes that I have a fresh outlook. I have spent so much time in the past looking back, wondering if I had done things differently would things be ‘better’. I have spent waaaay too much time doing that! This year if I was reflective, it was with a great big smile not a frown, because this year I:

  • was called ‘mum’, ‘mumma’, ‘mummy’ for the first time!
  • listened to Peanut as first she squealed and laughed at me, to now when her jibber-jabber is interspersed with REAL words!
  • received my first (of many) kisses from my little girl!
  • watched her graduate from the fastest commando crawler I have ever seen, to taking her very first steps, and now participated in her constant games of chasies!
  •  witnessed her overcome her ‘fear’ of swimming to become a little water-nymph who just wants ‘more’ Humpty Dumpty jumps into the pool!
  • shared her absolute joy in seeing ‘nanny’ on the computer each week!
  • recited many verses of Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jingle Jangle Scarecrow!
  • laughed when she joined in on the actions of those songs!
  • loved seeing Peanut develop a bond with her best friend E, not to mention the affection she has for a certain toy puppy.
  • read many more books than I have in recent years…OK they may have been That’s Not My Fairy/Dinosaur/Lion, Farmyard Animals and the like…but they were fun to read!
  • became an explorer in the garden, at the playground and the park!
  • realised how exciting each day can be from the time you wake up until the time you went to sleep!

Sure, there were still some tough times…of course there was. I’m a parent of a toddler so I won’t deny there have been tantrums in public places that have been embarassing (most from Peanut), many tears and a bit of terror…but it’s amazing how soon they are all forgotten. One big smile, or random hug from Peanut just washes all anxiety and self-doubt away.



In between all the parenting fun I also managed to finish off a few projects, and start some new ones of course. It’s been a much more inspired and fulfilling year, creatively speaking. Not only did I keep going with my quilting, I also tried some new crafts that I have yet to share, got back into garment sewing (albeit kiddy sized stuff), picked up the knitting needles, and got out the good camera!

I set goals at the beginning of the year (and you can read about them here) to help guide and shape my contributions to family life in 2014. As the year draws to a close it is time to assess those goals…how did I go???

  • Finish what I have started – Significantly decrease the number of unfinished projects piling up in my sewing area.

Hmmm…completed 5 of the original 14 projects! But hey, it’s 5 more than were finished 12 months ago!! I won’t even begin to count the number of new projects I have started this year!

  • Use more of my current fabric and yarn stash than I purchase

Hahahahahaha…picture me rolling on the floor laughing!! I did manage to use 75-100% of my stash when it came to new quilting projects…but I purchased more than I used that’s for sure. Sew my Stash will continue into 2015.

  • More family outings


  • Have more tangible evidence of our family life in the house

No photo books completed yet, but we have pictures on the wall, and photo magnets made!

  • Start online business ….watch this space…it may not have happened in 2014, but there are plans people!!!

OK, so I may not have been THAT successful in the end, maybe got to 50% ( my old boss would be cringing right now…no bonus for you!!) but life is about soooo much more than ticking boxes…’s about living your dreams…and I’m in the best one so far!



Happy New Year everyone!!

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