Organising all the things.

Image source: Death to the Stock Photo

Image source: Death to the Stock Photo

Something I have been striving to achieve in my life in recent years is a little more organisation. I’ve certainly realised since Peanut came along that more order in the household has been needed. You know, things like actually writing shopping lists, (and having a meal plan helps to know what you need to buy), keeping a monthly calendar on the fridge to plan all the activities….things that as a single person, or a couple without children, we never really worried about!

I have always been one for making lists…in my working life I had lots of lists…project lists, daily task lists etc. I loved getting organised…and the sense of satisfaction when something was crossed off the list was awesome. But for a while there it felt quite overwhelming …I wrote the lists but things just didn’t get crossed off…that’s probably because I took on too many things, but that is a story for another time…and it’s something I know I won’t be repeating!

That sense of feeling overwhelmed started to come back again recently. I knew that claustrophobic feeling was because I had opted to start a lot of projects, take on some extra responsibilities and the number of tasks I could see I needed to accomplish started the self-doubt to creep in, and I knew if that happened I would stagnate.

One day I was looking through my IG feed and came across a pic from Cole and Taffy (you should check Michelle’s work out, she makes amazingly lovely embroidery) that showed how she keeps her projects organised. It was so simple and instantly I could see how it would easily work for me.

The idea was simply to use index cards on a keyring holder. I loved that the cards are a good size to write a decent amount on, they are portable, and easily personalised. I also thought it was a great excuse to buy washi tape!!



It’s scary how quickly the pile of projects (1 per card) grew! There are 21 WIPs/PHDs on that key ring. I plan to take a card off as the project is completed and store it in a separate box that can be referenced at a later date if needed.

The projects cover quilting, sewing, and crochet at the moment but I’m pretty sure that different ‘craftegories’ will be started as time goes on.

I've discovered the joy of washi tape!

I’ve discovered the joy of washi tape!

I had fun decorating the cards with the tape. Love washi!

It's written in the cards!

It’s written in the cards!

On each card I have tried to cover each key step in the project. As each step is completed I can tick the box (hands up who else loves the physical act of ticking boxes or crossing things off a list?). I’ve also included a place to record a start and finish date, and where possible a reminder as to where I am keeping the project stored. I don’t have a separate craft room at home so projects get stored in bags or boxes and placed in discreet places around my sewing area (or in a cupboard).

Anyway, that’s my little way of trying to keep on top of all my projects. I won’t pretend to think this will help me reduce my number of WIPs to nothing…I’ve accepted I will always be someone who has multiple projects going at once. What I do hope to achieve is to minimise the times when I feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done by being able to focus on the small steps in each project and not just the fact that I haven’t done all the things!!

“Organising is what you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” A.A. Milne

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