WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The fifteenth


These days I love Wednesdays. Peanut and I go to her swimming lessons in the morning. She didn’t like it much when we first started a few months ago…quite a few times she was sobbing from it all (and occasionally so was I), as it was such a different environment, and it was loud (which she doesn’t really like). Now though, oh wow…a different girl who was BEAMING as she jumped in the water and practised her kicking. Still have some work to do on blowing bubbles in the water instead of drinking it…but so much progress in 3 months. I am so proud of her.

The other bonus is she is soooo tired when we get home, she just wants something to eat, grab her favourite soft toy and to go for her nap…and that means I can blog! Win, win!!

So, a lot of finishes in the past week…had to be as I had to get those presents posted off. I know I probably shouldn’t be posting these pics of the gifts, but I love them so and can’t wait till Christmas to show them off 🙂

1. Puppets

Full post coming soon

Finished set

Finished set

2. Geranium Dress

A sneaky peak…



I also decided to add a matching hat..


3. Superhero Costume

Cape and mask

Cape and mask

4. Aviatrix Medallion

No progress.

5. I Spy Quilt

Must get cracking as this is on my FAL 2014 Q4 and there’s not much left of this month/year!!

6. Aussie Modern Instabee

Not started December yet…Playing Cards is the block this month

7. Secret Solid Project

Oh dear…I am feeling so stressed about this one.

8. Other Secret Quilt


9. SYDMQG 2015 Quilt

Progress shot from our meeting this weekend..

Rainbow Skyline in progress

Rainbow Skyline in progress

10. All the other things

The rest of my WIPs/PHDs:

Jelly Jam Quilt

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Secret mini quilt.

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