WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The twelfth


OK, so pretty much the past month’s blogging has just been my WIP Wednesday posts….great consistency, but really boring, right?? I have had many thoughts on posts to write, but my gut was telling me I was just whining (a couple of disappointments lately) and I have learned to follow my instinct. I’m sure that was the right thing to do, for my own sake as well as you lovely readers!

So, to overcome the disappointment I have channeled my energy into preparing for Christmas. This ‘being organised’ thing has not been me in the past, but I have learned that Peanut just doesn’t work with ‘let’s just do it at the last minute’ …again, I trust my instinct. So, I have been writing lists, ordering gifts, and even making gifts. I just need to plan the food side of things and we should be sorted (albeit the execution will still need to happen)….but I’m feeling a little virtuous.

Pictures I hear you say…stop talking/writing and show me pictures!!

OK…a sneaky look at Christmas presents…

Old MacDonald's farm coming together

Old MacDonald’s farm coming together

1. Aviatrix Medallion

Nothing…I still need to source the blue Pearl Bracelets i have run out of.

2. I Spy Quilt

Still hand quilting

2. Aussie Modern Instabee

I’ve started on November’s block…a Triple Star

Triple Star..the beginning

Triple Star..the beginning

3. Secret Solid Project

{cough, cough} …next

4. Other Secret Quilt

Oh dear!

5. SYDMQG 2015 Quilt

Another column received…so things are coming together

6. All the other things

The rest of my WIPs/PHDs that have been stagnant this week:

Jelly Jam Quilt

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Secret mini quilt.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced though I am very embarrassed at this post!!!

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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The twelfth

  1. no need to feel embarrassed. You’re just keeping it real!! I can’t tell you how glad I am there are some bloggers like you. Please keep your posts coming!!

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