WIP Wednesday : The eighth


What a difference a week makes! Peanut has had a much better week emotionally and as a result I am feeling much better, and I’ve managed to get quite a bit done (at least quite a bit in MY world).

1. I Spy Quilt

Borders are on, and I have found the best backing! It’s also a wide backing so I will probably have enough left over to make either a dress or skirt for Peanut, and/or back another baby quilt!

ISpy + Backing

2. Aussie Modern Instabee

I’ve actually started pulling fabrics…Yay!

3. Secret Solid Project

Lots of cutting this week.

Cutting all the solids...the beginning

Cutting all the solids…the beginning

Secret Solids...the beginning

Secret Solids…the beginning

4. Aviatrix Medallion

Still working on the centre medallion. EPP might be a bit slower but I still think it means I will actually get to work on this quilt.

Making paper pieces

Making paper pieces


An alternative way of doing things

An alternative way of doing things

6. SYDMQG 2015 Quilt

I finished all my green blocks for the quilt, and I have received two other people’s completed columns. Just six more to get now!

Green Blocks

Green Blocks

 7. All the other things

The biggest thing this week was that I completed the rebrand and relaunch of the Sydney Modern Quilt Group blog and we also launched on instagram! If you are interested in seeing what some of the quilters in Sydney, Australia are up to why not check out our blog or follow us on Instagram.

The rest of my WIPs/PHDs that have been stagnant this week:

Jelly Jam Quilt

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Secret mini quilt.

Other Secret Quilt

As usual, I am linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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