WIP Wednesday: The fifth


Woohoo to writing this post on a Wednesday! Peanut has been asleep for 30mins so I figure I have another 15mins to take advantage of (based on her recent non-napping history).

Unfortunately though there’s not been much WIPing going on this week (see sentence above).

1. I Spy Quilt

I have one more row left to complete. Baby is still inside though so no pressure just yet!…

Update – since writing this post at lunchtime (it’s now 7pm) I’ve since heard my SIL is doing laps of the birthing pool!!! Now there’s some pressure.

So pleased I've added a bit of bling to this quilt

So pleased I’ve added a bit of bling to this quilt

2. Aussie Modern Instabee

No further progress on October, but as it’s the first of the month today I think that’s ok.

3. Quilt Top In A Day

Jelly Jam

Jelly Jam

Still no further progress with this one.

4. All of the other things

More SYDMQG 2015 work. Some changes afoot….

As usual, I am linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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