WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The second

WIP WedLast week I started on my commitment to post more regularly by commencing with the WIP Wednesday posts that Lee at Freshly Pieced hosts. Unfortunately yesterday I was suffering with a persistent headache that I still haven;t completely shaken. I missed posting yesterday but I think it’s still Wednesday in the US so figure this can still count 🙂

I’ve really only been working on one WIP this past week….

1. I Spy Quilt

It's all in my head

It’s all in my head

I have completed 29 of 35 of these improv log cabin blocks as of yesterday. They are all different sizes at the moment so they will all need an extra log (so to speak) attached to them. Once that’s done they will all be trimmed back to be a consistent size. So, while the three squares of logs are consistently 1/2″ wide at the moment, the outer log will vary in width depending on the original size of the block. Then I will need to decide on a border fabric…I’m thinking a natural linen at the moment…just don’t have any in my stash!!

2. Aussie Modern Instabee

No progress on this month’s block yet. Need to get onto that!

3. Quilt Top In A Day

Jelly Jam

Jelly Jam

No further progress with this one.

4. All of the other things

Slowly but surely I will get to them, but at least these posts will keep me honest.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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