A Bunch of Crosses Pillow

I thought I was all caught up with all my posts about completed projects, but I remembered another little project I have completed in the past 12 months! This was a lovely quick little number that I made for a Kris Kringle/Secret Santa gift in December last year.

If you have read my other posts you may recall this one where I talk about a crocheting Facebook group that I am a member of. It’s such a lovely group to be a part of with lots of very talented ladies (I don’t think we have ANY men in the group…not sure what that says) who are very supportive of each other. So it was decided we could do a secret gift swap amongst those willing to participate. The idea was that it could be a good way to get to know another member a little bit better, and surprise them with something that they might like. The gift did not have to be crocheted, it could be anything we wanted….bought/handmade…anything.

I had recently bought this book  so I thought the idea of a pillow case for my swap partner would be a nice idea, and a little bit different. I knew my partner was an avid crocheter and crafter, but she wasn’t a sewer so I figured I would use my sewing/quilty skills to produce something that would be OK. I also knew her favourite colours were purple and green…and that’s about it.

I decided on the ‘A Bunch of Crosses’ pattern by Katy Jones of I’m a Ginger Monkey fame. I love the pattern for its simplicity and the possibility to have fun with fabrics. I also knew I could cope with the simple straight line quilting it would need. So of course first up it was about getting together some fabrics that I thought my partner would like.

Completed pillow top

Completed pillow top

I loved using the newsprint in this project, it’s such a fave of mine and I was glad I had enough left over from this quilt.

Next I decided on my backing and started on some straight line horizontal quilting. The backing was a lovely Saffron Craig Dandelion print. I was very excited that I had received my Wonderclips as well, so this was the first opportunity to use them when adding my binding.

Wonderclips and binding

Wonderclips and binding

I love the lime green binding. I chose that colour as it picked up the lime green in the dark purple print I used in the pillow top. It helped that my swap partner also liked green…not sure she was expecting lime green though!

Unfortunately I didn’t have a pillow insert to take a final picture, but here is the finished product.

Completed Pillow

Completed Pillow

A closer look at the backing

A closer look at the backing













I really enjoyed this pattern and I think I need to make a few more…this time to keep in our house!



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