Celebration Quilt

I think this quilt…I like to call it the Celebration Quilt…may be the last of the projects that I completed prior to the arrival of Peanut that I hadn’t already posted about. Like the earlier baby quilts, I was commissioned by a friend to make this for her first grandchild. Being paid for my work, and for a friend does add a bit of pressure, but I really did love the challenge of it all. And there was nothing like the deadline of the due date of my own baby to get me moving with this project!

This quilt was for a newly arrived baby boy and the brief was to include bubba’s name (a shortened version) and influences of his lineage which included Australian, South African, Greek, and Jewish. Initially that sounded like a pretty tough challenge but after careful thought I decided to use fabrics to represent the heritage aspects. I had recently discovered Spoonflower and figured that would be my best bet for finding fabrics suitable for this project. Boy was I right! I was able to get 8 different prints (each heritage influence was represented by 2 different fabrics) printed and delivered for the same cost as it would have been to buy here in Australia. The fact I was able to get it all from one site was the best thing as I really didn’t have time to schlep around Sydney to find what I was looking for!

After consulting with Jenn we came up with a design she was happy with, and fortunately I found a Melly & Me pattern similar to the bunting design quilt she wanted so I ended up using that. We mixed in some bright solids/print fabrics with the Spoonflower fabrics and a fabulous candy red and white stripe for the bunting tape.

Celebration Baby Quilt

Celebration Baby Quilt

I ended up machine appliquéing bug’s name onto the quilt with a simple zigzag stitch.

Applique and straight line quilting

Applique and straight line quilting

For this quilt I decided to try my hand at machine quilting. I knew I could cope with straight lines, and ended up deciding on stitching them 1″ apart. Phew…what a mammoth effort that was! Especially as I decided to just quilt in the grey area!! So many threads to bury once it was finished! I love the red & white stripe fabric in there..so much fun.

I realise now I didn’t get a good shot of the backing fabric which I loved, but here is a progress shot from when I was hand stitching the binding so you have an idea of what it was like. Don’t you love those dreidels!

Binding & backing

Binding & backing

Baby Alex has had this quilt for a year now. I know Grandma and Mum were both thrilled to receive it. I hope he has been snuggling up in it during these chilly days and nights.

Quilt Details

Pattern: Celebration Bunting Quilt by Melly & Me

Dimensions: 54″ x 74″

Fabrics: Spoonflower and my stash

Quilting: Straight line quilting on grey background 1″ apart, Aurifil 40wt colour 2606.


Update 30.7.2014 :

If you would like to see the fabrics from Spoonflower I used for the heritage influences check out my Pinterest board here.


8 thoughts on “Celebration Quilt

  1. It looks great and what a lovely idea to represent each facet of the little one’s heritage. Which fabric was for which country though? Please can you write another post about this and let me know,as I was trying to work it out! Love Suzy

    • Hi Suzy, Thank you so much. I’ve put an update at the bottom of the post that links to a Pinterest board I used when my friend was selecting fabrics. You will see the 8 fabrics I used for the heritage influences there. Hope that answers your question 🙂

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