Quilt for E!

Time has always been a precious thing but I fear, until a few years ago, I probably squandered it as I had so much ‘me’ time (read no child that needed attention 25 hours a day). Nowadays any time I get to myself is very focussed whether that be on the things that MUST be done or on the things that I enjoy doing. As it so happens I have a little bit more time available to devote to the blog and it’s during this time I’ve realised there are a few projects I have completed that I never got around to writing about. This post is going to be about one of those.

Back in 2012 we found out one of my husband’s sisters was having their first baby. Exciting times, and as I had been learning about patchwork and quilting I decided I had to make a quilt for the little one. As my husband’s family live on the other side of the world we knew we were going to miss a lot of the day to day stuff that happens with babies being born and growing up, so making this quilt was my way of injecting a bit of us into the little one’s daily life. I loved making this quilt and I also loved hand delivering it.

I decided on a simple 25 patch block laid out in 3 x 3 block configuration. As the parents-to-be weren’t going to find out the sex of bubba until he/she was born, I needed to make sure my fabric selection was gender neutral. I also knew I wanted it to be bright and fun, and that there could be an element of play associated with it…find the animal etc.

This is the final cut….

Baby Fleming Quilt

Baby Fleming Quilt

Now hindsight is 20:20 so they say….and on reflection MAYBE using white as my background colour wasn’t the most sensible choice…time will tell…but I love the freshness that a white background brings. What do you think?

Elliots quilt 2

3 x 3 25 patch

Elliots quilt 4

Crisp and clean

Elliots quilt 5

Simple quilting suitable for a gender neutral quilt

As this was a quilt I made in the first year of learning I wasn’t confident with machine quilting this myself, so I sent it out to be quilted through my LQS (Cottage Quiltworks). I didn’t have any particular design in mind, I just wanted it to be gender neutral. I was so happy with it when it came back….the quilting is perfectly simple, yet oh so beautiful.

The binding was done using scraps from the fabrics used in the blocks. I love a scrappy binding.

Oh and I decided to piece the bag using some of the leftover squares from the quilt top.

The back

The back

Unfortunately I don’t recall the final dimensions…but this quilt is way bigger than a cot/crib size, and is at least a single bed size, so will be suitable when the little one moves into the big bed.

Oh, and by the way, our SIL had a little boy. Our gorgeous nephew E loves his quilt…..

Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping like a baby


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