Over the past two years I have been very fortunate to meet, and become friends with, some very talented individuals. Each of them has their own unique style, and they all seem to be uber-quilty machines…churning out designs and finished projects with amazing speed that I am left gob-smacked by the talent. Most days I find myself just in awe of the work that is produced within the quilting community, a community I am so glad to be a part of.

All this talent does not mean there is any hint of superiority at all. Each and every person I have met has been so generous with their time if I’ve ever needed help. The more I have tried… new techniques, new projects started… the more my confidence has grown, and so one day last year I wanted to give back. I agreed to be a pattern tester for my lovely friend, Penny Poppleton (she’s one of those amazingly, talented individuals I was telling you about). If you know Penny/Jenn you know how much she loves a HST (half square triangle for the non-quilters…thanks for sticking around by the way). Up until this point I had never touched a HST (amazing though it seems), so I was a little nervous at first, but decided to just jump right in. Jenn had already shown us her amazing version of the Shattered Star pattern she had made, and I was in love with it, so I thought…why not?

Shattered Star

Shattered Star

Now I should point out that I agreed to do this only a few months after the birth of our first child! For some reason I thought I would have plenty of time to sew!! Oh dear! Really??

Long story short….the quilt is now finished! Just under a year to test a pattern….and I was only doing the small version…hmmm really not what I was aiming for! I’m just very thankful Jenn is such an amazing girl…and having had her second hub only a few weeks before Peanut arrived she was completely understanding! Thank you Jenn….and thank you for designing such a great pattern. Can’t wait to see it in print!!

Hand quilted

Hand quilted

Pieced back

Pieced back

The homely touch

The perfect binding

Can I hear a “Woohoo” for the finish? So happy to have another PHD completed, and it’s another quilt that I am so in love with. This quilt was on my Q3 FAL list as well!

Details of the quilt:

Finished size: 46″ x 46″

Pattern: Shattered Star by Penny Poppleton

Main fabrics: A selection of about 20 fabrics from my stash

Background: Kona Snow

Backing : Mostly Posy by Aneela Hoey plus pieced section from stash

Binding: Summersville Spring

Quilting: Hand quilted with Aurifil 12wt 2021

Gratuitous 'arty' shot

Gratuitous ‘arty’ shot…with the exception of the ugly clothesline handle!


12 thoughts on “Shattered!

  1. You have excelled in every way possible Tash. It is just amasing. You must be so very pleased with the out come.

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