Finish Along Q2 – All Squared Out!

Finally I have a project completed for this quarter’s FinishAlong….with about a week to spare…phew! Surprisingly for me it’s not that I have left it to the last minute. It’s just that I severely underestimated how long I had left on these projects! But, I’m not going to dwell on the excuses…I am just so glad this project is done.

All Squared Out

All Squared Out

This quilt was started 2 years ago, and was actually a topic of these posts here, here and here. It has been made for hubby to take away to his mountain bike races, particularly the long ones over a whole weekend when they camp out! He never sleeps very well during these things so I’m hoping that a little touch of home and a reminder of family will help just a little. If not, well it’s a good looking quilt anyway.

Love this side view

Love this side view

I think it’s a perfect boy quilt. The pezzy print is fabulous in all the colours, even the brown! The quilt top was made using a layer cake of the pezzy prints. I can not remember where the white solid is from that I used for the background. And I used a nice red and white gingham check for the backing (my hubby loves a good check…if you don’t believe me, you should see his wardrobe!) with a black, almost tartan-like check for the binding (which frames the quilt beautifully I think).

My set-up for quilting is pretty basic as my Janome is really a dressmaking machine and not really designed for quilting. With only a 5.5″ throat size, this quilt (which is 60″ x 70″) is probably the biggest quilt I will ever quilt on with the current set up. Some basic straight line quilting on the diagonal through the larger squares of the quilt top was all I could manage, and I finished it off by stitching in the ditch around the border strips. You can get an idea of the quilting from the picture of the back of the quilt. In the end, I’m actually really happy with how the quilting looks.

A bit of gingham...and you can see details of the quilting.

A bit of gingham…and you can see details of the quilting.

Getting creative

Getting creative

All rolled up

All rolled up

So that’s it. Another quilt crossed of the PHD list. I’m happy, and so is hubby. Let me know what you think.


8 thoughts on “Finish Along Q2 – All Squared Out!

  1. You’re right, pezzy makes for a fabulous boy quilt!! And I love the print you chose for a binding fabric too…. it is so bold and graphic. Congrats on a beautiful finish!!

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