FinishAlong 2014 -My Q2 list

Remember that list of PHD’s I wanted to have finished by end of March?? Well, I’m pleased to say I knocked off 50% of them by the due date. I’m actually quite pleased with that considering the Peanut is now much more mobile and for some reason LOOOOOVES my company ALL THE TIME.

So, inspired by the fact I can finish things (and despite the fact I find it necessary to start new projects- more on that later) I have decided to sign up for FAL2014 Q2. Given my PHD (Projects Half Done) list for the whole year still has 12 items on it I think I still need this little motivational tool to keep me going…because it is way too easy to just sit and play with the Peanut all day!

I am going to set myself a list of 4 PHD’s again for Q2. Yep, it is probably another stretch target (still can’t stop using my work terminology!!) but that’s OK. I actually had a minor breakthrough as a result of the FAL for Q1. You see, in the past I would often stubbornly keep going with projects even though I knew there was no way I could meet the deadline I had set. It would cause me a great deal of stress and anxiety, but for some reason my pride would not allow me to change anything, thereby ensuring failure. How crazy is that??? Why would I put so much pressure on myself? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that, for what feels like the first time, I allowed myself to acknowledge  it was OK to move the goal posts on some projects. Let’s face it, I was the one putting the pressure on; the deadlines were set by me, nobody else had any expectations. Oh it felt like such a relief, and by removing that pressure I could actually look at the projects again and readjust the targets or even rethink the final desired outcome (as was the case with the double wedding ring quilt). I feel it’s quite late in the game for me to finally have this realisation…but once again, I’m not going to beat myself up anymore.

So it’s on to the Q2 FAL 2014 list (and BTW you can link up to at The Littlest Thistle):

1. Pattern Testing (a carryover from Q1)

I did make a small amount of progress on this in the past couple of days, but it’s nowhere near completed obviously.

Pattern test

Pattern test

2. Double Wedding Ring Quilt (another carryover from Q1)

This double wedding ring quilt will be a gift for someone very special to me. I can’t say anymore than that at this point.

Some progress made

Some progress made

3. The Pezzy Quilt

This quilt has so little left to do on it….only about half the quilting and then to bind…so why has it been sitting left like this for over a year?? Who knows…but it will be done this quarter!

Pezzy Quilt in progress

Pezzy Quilt in progress

4. Vivid Dreams blanket

I thought I would throw a non-quilt project into the mix. This is a crochet blanket I started almost 2 years ago. I actually blogged about it here. How embarrassing that it’s not been gifted to this special person yet!

Some joined

Some joined

A bag of squares

A bag of squares

So that is the list for Q2 FAL2014….wish me luck.


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