Finish Along Q1 2014 – 2nd PHD completed!

Oh lordy I am glad I have this PHD (Project Half Done) finished now!

A mobile for Peanut’s nursery, this hasn’t been hanging over my head (pardon the pun) as long as the pouffe had been but considering Peanut is now 8 months old(!!) it was definitely time to move on from this one.

OK….so the Pom Pom mobile was an idea I came up with one day during a pregnancy haze. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I had envisaged two different sized rings with pom poms of different sizes hanging off them. At the time we didn’t know Peanut’s sex so I was going to go with the grey, white and yellow colours we had for the nursery, then thought I could add a fuchsia or teal after the birth (as appropriate). I certainly had fun going ‘old school’ with the creating of the pom poms. I even used the old-fashioned cardboard ring method….but boy was it time consuming. And then the squirrel in me came out again and I got distracted (oh and Peanut had arrived as well)…hence it has been sitting in a bag half finished.

Pom Pom UFO

Pom Pom UFO

But enough is enough….so completing this project has been my focus for this past weekend.

All it needed was to actually join everything together and then hang it…simple enough really. I don’t know why it took me so long!

So here is the finished project….

PomPom mobile completed

PomPom mobile completed

As Peanut will see it.

As Peanut will see it.

You will notice that not all the pom poms I made were included in the final piece. That’s because I learnt a few things on the way….one of them being “sometimes less is more”. The multicoloured pom poms didn’t really fit the look. As it is , I think the mobile is too busy. If I was to start over (and I really don’t have the commitment to this project to do that) I would have:

1. Drawn out a picture of the idea first to see if I really thought it could work, and to have a plan to stick to.

2. Drawing a picture may also have meant I would only have made the pom poms I needed….though on the plus side I can use the spare pom poms now  for gift wrapping etc!

3. Not covered the 2 gold rings in the grey yarn but left them as they were. I think the mobile needs a little oomph!

4. Bought a pom pom maker! I have since been given one and it is much faster than the old school cardboard ring method!

5. Used fishing wire instead of yarn to hang everything from…again I think there is too much going on here and a translucent wire/string may have given the illusion of the pom poms hanging in space.

On the plus side…I finally had a chance to use my hot glue gun for the first time!! Love it 🙂

As I write this post, Peanut is sleeping so I can’t actually hang the mobile in the nursery yet …but I promise you it will go there… a post for another time.

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