This year I will…

OK, we are almost 3 weeks into the new year so this post may seem a bit belated. The truth is I have been umm-ing and ah-ing as to whether to write about my goals for 2014 or not. I finally figured “why not?”. In fact, putting them out there into the blogosphere might actually give me even more incentive to achieve them.

The marketer in me can’t stop myself from attaching some KPI’s (key performance indicators) to them either. So, in 12 months time we shall see how well I’ve done!

Soooooo, here we go….

  • Finish what I have started – Significantly decrease the number of unfinished projects piling up in my sewing area.

KPI = Complete 1-2 PHD’s (Projects Half Done) each month.  I have a separate list containing 14 projects to get through, and each finished project will be recorded here on the blog.

  • Use more of my current fabric and yarn stash than I purchase

The sub-text here is to spend less on fabric and yarn this year. I have kept pretty much all of the receipts from purchases last year so I will track my spending against this. 2013 hasn’t been tallied yet though so you will have to trust me when I do post about this at the end of the year.

KPI = less $ spent in 2014

KPI = 75% of fabric/yarn used for each new project started in 2014 must use current stash (for quilts this does not include batting or backings)

  • More family outings

KPI = Organise family outings at least once per month.

  • Have more tangible evidence of our family life in the house

While I have been good at taking many many photos of our holidays, excursions and daily life, we are severely lacking in physical evidence of this around the house. Gosh, we still don’t even have any wedding pictures up…can you believe it!!

KPI = Complete 3 photo books by end of year.

KPI = Print and hang wedding pictures before wedding anniversary!!

  • Start online business

I’m not going to say too much about this just yet, but when it happens you will know!

Of course, the usual intention of taking better care of myself is there (you know…exercise more, eat healthily) and I will probably chat about that at some point during the year.

So that’s it. For now my focus is on these 5 goals…..wish me luck!


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