Finish Along Q1 – First Finish!

Oh my…I think I may have surprised not only my husband but myself here. I have actually finished the dreaded pouffe!!

As mentioned in my recent post this hexagon pouffe has been taking up a good chunk of my UFO pile since June 2012. Hubby likes to ask “how are you going with my pouffe?” every now and then, mostly as he knows I will bite. And I bite because I am quite embarrassed about not only this particular UFO, but also all the other projects I so keenly start and then just stop part way through! However, this is all going to change.

Over the past week or so the dreaded pouffe has gone from this….

Pouffe in progress

to this…

The finished pouffe

The finished pouffe…apparently this is how much space 100L of bean bag beans occupies!

Hurrah!!! A finished, functional piece of ‘furniture’ that hubby can now finally put his feet up on.

A big thank you to my friend Lisa who  kindly grabbed a 100L (!!) bag of  bean bag beans at the shops this morning as I hadn’t had a chance to drag myself and the Peanut out to the shops to get them.

Phew….I’m glad this is done!

Peanut likes it!

Peanut likes it!

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