FinishAlong 2014 -Q1

For obvious reasons 2013 didn’t result in too many crafty accomplishments (check out my last post). Now that the Peanut and I are better acquainted and have a reasonable routine happening I have actually had the chance to write down some goals for 2014. A big part of these goals is about finishing what I started! Most days I feel a little like a squirrel….darting around from tree to tree and seemingly easily distracted by newer, shinier things. As a result I have many projects that have been started and left unfinished. This year I am determined to put a dent in the pile of UFO’s that has built up over the past couple of years. To that end, I was excited to come across the Finish Along that is hosted this year by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.

My UFO list for the whole year has 14 items on it, and for the 1st quarter of this FAL I have chosen 4 from the list. I’m fairly certain this will be a stretch (given the state of some of these projects) but 2 of the projects actually have deadlines attached to them so I have to get at least 50% complete for my first FAL. There’s really nothing like a bit of timeline pressure! So here are the first 4 FALs for 2014….

1. Hexagon Pouffe

This project is a kit I bought in 2012 from Sydney Quilt and Craft Show. Although it’s not really colours/prints that would appeal to hubby, he has been wanting a pouffe to put his feet on for ages so it made sense this would be one of the first UFO’s to get finished.



2. Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This one is a bit special as it’s a gift for a friend, and it’s a surprise so I won’t say much more than this until it’s finished. I do love the foundation piecing though, and I’m excited to see how the fabrics will all come together in the end.

Double Wedding Ring UFO

Double Wedding Ring UFO

3. PomPom Mobile

Gosh I’m embarrassed to say this is for Peanut’s nursery. It’s an idea I came up with a couple of months before she was born however it didn’t get anywhere near finished. This definitely needs finishing before her 1st birthday!!! Excuse the poor photo….

Pom Pom UFO

Pom Pom UFO

4. Test Pattern

Finally, this is a pattern I am testing for a friend, and I really need to crack on! She has been so sweet to not hassle me about getting it done but I am committed to getting this is done and providing feedback, so what a great opportunity the FAL has given me!

I’m also looking forward to seeing the finished product as my friend’s version of this quilt is so awesome. Sneaky photo done so as not to give away too much about the pattern.

Test pattern

Test pattern

So that is the list for Q1 FAL2014….wish me luck.



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