A project of firsts.

I’m so happy to have ticked another quilt top off the list! You may remember a while ago I posted about my All Squared Out quilt? Well today I finally finished all the borders on the quilt!

This quilt has many firsts for me:

  • It’s the first quilt I’m making for hubby.
  • It’s the first quilt in which I used my 1/4″ foot on my machine (and I haven’t looked back!).
  • It’s the first time I used a layer cake.
  • It’s the first quilt in which I have used a solid fabric as a significant part of the quilt.
  • It was also the first quilt I followed a pattern for.

With still a long way to go, I am also hoping this might be the first quilt that I will do my own machine quilting on. Some people might say it’s a big project to attempt this on…but today I am thinking “go hard, or go home!”. Wish me luck!

Quilt top hanging from makeshift hangers.

Pezzy print close up!

Big squares and small squares.

4 thoughts on “A project of firsts.

  1. The quilts look wonderful Natasha! You’ve gotta love those 1/4″ feet when making quilts. Wednesday sewing is buzzing along nicely – just a wee bit quieter this term without you.
    Kerrie xxx

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