Spring is Here!

We have been so lucky to have had beautiful weather this past week or two. Spring has definitely arrived when you look around at the colour that is surrounding us…from the flowers in the garden to the new fashions in the stores…it definitely feels like a happy time of year!

As luck would have it, with the change of season I managed to catch some sort of bug, so I haven’t been well this past week. Today though, I managed a yoga class in the morning and then spent some time in the garden. I should have grabbed the proper camera to capture these photos, but even so I think the iPhone has captured the mood of our backyard at the moment.

I didn’t know the name of this plant until today but the following plant is called a Clivia Miniata or Winter Lily (thanks Jenn for pointing me in the right direction!).

Beautiful don’t you think?

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Native to South Africa, it’s not surprising this plant is doing well in our garden in Sydney. Lucky for me is the fact it’s apparently near impossible to kill this plant!! It certainly is thriving after a little bit of TLC though. It makes me smile every time I look out the window to this burst of colour. Ah Springtime…I’m glad you are here.

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