Day 30: It’s always a good day when you learn something new.

I’m getting so much enjoyment from learning to quilt that I want to share every step, every new skill learned! You may recall I completed the top of my sampler quilt last week. Today I basted my quilt top, batting and backing with safety pins in preparation for quilting. This is a perfect job for the perfectionist like me (or so I thought) …smoothing out the quilt top to remove any wrinkles or fullness, making sure all 3 layers are aligned! However, even though I have prided myself on being a perfectionist (despite it frustrating people around me at times) quilting has also taught me to relax on being such a perfectionist at times, and this task did just that. I’m glad my outer border was cut 1/2″ wider than originally planned as it was tough getting the backing and the top to align (as we were tight on the backing material!). Oh well, sometimes you just have to let things go…and that’s OK!

Once the basting was done, it was then on to selecting some Perle thread to use for the hand quilting. As I didn’t have a particular colour theme happening with my quilt, this was the opportunity to try out some different coloured threads in the quilting as well…so this is the selection I went with.

Perle thread

Next it was on to actually quilting…so far only a small amount done, but I’m loving every minute of it, and I have such a big smile on my face!

Close up of my stitching

Not bad so far….

I’ve also been in touch with the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild and am attending their Sit & Sew group tomorrow night which I am so looking forward to. I really am loving meeting new people at the moment and having the chance to share ideas and inspiration…and I will have a few more dedicated hours to hand quilting my first quilt! Yay!

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