Day 27: Aussie holiday

Going through my photos again…found some more holiday pics to share. These ones are a bit closer to home …a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. We took this holiday in October 2010. Fantastic drive. Do it if you can!

A random selection of photos as I’ve run out of hours in the day 🙂

An overcast day in Geelong.

Bollards in Geelong…I love these, they are scattered all over the place.

This bollard was my favourite! I love that there was a ferris wheel in the background as well.

Down to the lighthouse at Cape Otway.

Looking out to sea.

On the road to the Lighthouse at Cape Otway you are guaranteed to see koalas! They are everywhere…and they make the most unexpected sound. Living in the city all these years I had forgotten the noise a koala makes!

Kenny Koala

Peekaboo…Kenny came down to say hello!

Then up he went again.

What we came to see…the Twelve Apostles


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