Day 26: Keeping focussed

Today I have been thinking a lot about goals….goals I want/need to set myself in order to feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it’s due to hubby having completed the Oxfam Trailwalk yesterday…a pretty major thing…and possibly also because I’m not working at the moment so I feel I need to be focussed and productive in order to justify not working??? In any case, I started making a couple of lists. One related to my quilting, the other related to training.

I don’t have a final list at hand at the moment. After going through some of my magazines and books the quilting project list already has 30 quilt designs on there already. This does includes projects already started. This is where I have to practise the art of saying ‘no’ (or at least saying ‘not right now’).

Ideally I would like to complete one quilt per month (to the point of basting ready to be quilted). Currently I have the following quilts on the go:

  • Sampler Quilt
  • Squared Out
  • Pickle Dish
  • Irish Plaid

I also need to start a baby quilt for my sister-in-law. I think that’s plenty for now, and I will need to work on a one finished-one started concept so I don’t have too many quilts on the go. Quilters out there… this realistic??

The 2nd of my lists/goals is to do with my exercise program. For the past 12 weeks I have been following a program really designed to get me back into the habit of training again. It’s definitely worked and I feel much fitter and healthier, to the point where I am ready to run again. I’ve even been out for 2 x 5km runs this week. But, I need to start training for something, an actual event. Eventually I would like to run a half marathon (I think), but obviously I need to build up to that. So I really want to aim for a 10-12km event in early 2013…any suggestions????

Obviously a lot more work in cementing my goals, and I also need to set some targets  around career/work but at least I’ve started!

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Keeping focussed

  1. Oh I’m feeling this! I always get really excited and start lots of different projects…. organisation and focus aren’t my strong point :/ …. but would make such a difference I think….. thanks for the inspiration =)

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