Day 24: I would walk 500 miles….or 101.5km as the case maybe!

Actually it’s not me who’s walking, but hubby. At 9am this morning hubby and 3 mates started as a team in the Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker. The Oxfam Trailwalker is a gruelling physical challenge where teams commit to raise money for people living in poverty all around the world. I’m quite proud of the boys for having the mental and physical toughness to complete this trail walk. Their aim is to finish by 4pm tomorrow (Sat). I hope they can do it without breaking body or spirit.

As part of the support crew I was there at Checkpoint 2 (25km in) at 4pm this afternoon, and here are a few pics.

Finishing the 2nd leg…and in good spirits!

Looking after the team!

Blister prevention.

Heading off as the sun is starting to set.

They have a long night ahead of them. I will next see them at 1.30am to get them well fed and warm, and hopefully keep their spirits up for the rest of the trail! They are doing such an awesome job, and what’s even better is they had a $5K target they wanted to reach for their fundraising efforts, and they have surpassed that…almost $6,500 raised so far (and over $2Million raised for the event overall).

Shall keep you posted with how and where it all finished up tomorrow.

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