Day 23: It’s all coming together!

So excited today as I pieced all the blocks for my sampler quilt together and added the sashings!

Here it is with all blocks pieced and a 1 inch (finished) border attached:

Finished quilt top with black and white striped border.

I’m so glad I went with the black and white stripe for the border…it really gives the blocks a lift!

So then I added a 6 inch (finished) sashing. This pic is lying on my floor so the angle is a bit wrong, but hopefully you get the idea. Hexies are yet to be appliquéd on but the positioning will remain the same. I will finish those tonight.

Sashing added!

I was so excited today seeing all this come together. Next Thursday I will baste and start hand quilting! Yay! This quilt will also have a knitted edge, which I will start this week also. I’m thinking black!

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