Day 22: More reflecting

I really enjoyed going through my photos from holiday’s past for yesterday’s post that I thought I would do something similar for this post. This time though these are photos taken while I was travelling for work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had the privilege of travelling a bit with my previous job, and I got to travel to places I may not normally have gone and experienced cultures I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to, so today I wanted to share a little of that with you. As I’ve gone through these photos it has reaffirmed my love of photography and travel …. oh I need to plan another trip!

1. Uluru, Australia (2011)

I have lived in Australia all my life, yet it was only last year that I got the opportunity to travel to Uluru. Despite the vast array of giant insects and other things with more than 4 legs, it was a great few days!

Aboriginal Elder

Uluru landscape

The rock at sunrise. Amazing scenery!

Love cave…can you see it?

So peaceful.

In case anyone is wondering, no we didn’t climb the rock.

Storm coming in

Camel riding in the desert

Camel Shadows

Camel with attitude!

2. Vietnam (2009)

One of the best experiences I had while working at Nutricia was when we visited the SOS Village orphanage that we sponsored in Ben Tre, a small village approx. 2 hours from Ho Chi Min City. The children and the staff there were instantly welcoming. So many amazing moments captured and experienced!

Welcome Nutricia

The kids put on a show for us…so amazing!

They showed us the games they played.

And even tried to teach us how to play!

A serious game of soccer was next on the agenda.

The young ones were so gorgeous!

Beautiful kids

I even got a few nature shots in…

Tiny butterfly

Same butterfly, Different view

3. Fiji (2010)

Another amazing culture to experience is the island way of life. Everything on Fiji-time…which I think was a good way of approaching life sometimes. Not everything has to be done yesterday!

Welcome to your room.

Nobody for miles….I loved exploring on my own here!

We had this beach all to ourselves for the day.

Cocktails at sunset.

Traditional dance

Incredibly fierce!

I have been so fortunate to have these experiences, and I look forward to many more. But even if these are all I have I’m so glad I was able to capture at least a little of what made those trips so inspiring!

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