Day 20: Visitors

Hubby came in from getting the washing off the line today (yes, he’s a good man!) to say there were two birds in the tree in our backyard that he’d never seen before. Even though we only live about 45 minutes from Sydney CBD we still get some fairly varied wildlife in our yard, so I thought I would take a look.

They were a pair of Australian King Parrots, a male and a female. They are such a beautiful bird, especially the male with their full red hood. I quickly went back inside to get my camera and hoped they wouldn’t fly off.

I was so lucky. They stayed around for 5 minutes while I shot. I didn’t have time to put the longer lens on, but I was lucky to have the male stay on branches closest to the edge of the tree, he seemed to quite enjoy the attention! The female was a shy thing, and wouldn’t come out from the upper branches, and as she was all green it was hard to shoot her, especially in the late afternoon sun.

I managed to get a couple of OK shots that I have cropped to remove some of the noise of the tree. It wasn’t till after the birds flew away I realised my ISO was at 640, which I think was a bit high for the time of day. Anyway, I’m glad I took the opportunity to shoot and that I got a couple of OK shots.

Pic details: f5.6, 1/400s 85mm

Australian King Parrot – male

Pic details: f5.6, 1/400s 85mm

I think I ruffled his feathers!

I really need to get out more with my camera. I’ve been altogether too quiet on the photography front.

One thought on “Day 20: Visitors

  1. Aren’t they amazing! We have a pair in our area now! Apparently they like the gum trees! The only other place I have seen them was O’Reilly on Lamington Plateau Sth of Brisbane. I thought we were very special to have them visit! Great photos ! Love your blog! How odd you go with the job interview?

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