Day 18: In my closet

In response to a special request from yesterday’s post, I thought I would share a picture of the shoes that didn’t make the cut for the interview outfit.

Orange patent heels from Gorman….LOVE!

I love these shoes; I always refer to them as my happy shoes, but for a first interview I thought I needed to tone it down a little. There is a part of me that argues I should have been true to myself and thrown caution to the wind….well, we shall see 🙂

Taking the photo of these shoes got me craving some of my other shoes in my wardrobe, so I thought I would share some special pairs with you.

My wedding shoes:

My wedding shoes from Collette Dinnigan (apparently made by Manolo Blahnik)

I bought these the same day I bought my dress….the only pair of shoes I tried on, and along with the only dress I tried on…it all made sense. These were the shoes! I had to try them on again today just to see them sparkle again! These will always be a favourite in my wardrobe.

So much sparkle.

Another favourite…a girl should always have a pair of Loubis in her closet:

Black patent Christian Louboutins….LOVE!

I bought these on a trip to New York with hubby. Walking into the Christian Louboutin store on Madison Ave…I felt like I was in my own version of SATC. Hubby was so patient…but he did leave me to my own devices in the store. I could have stayed there forever, but my credit card really wouldn’t have coped. One of my best days!

So that’s a sneak peak into my wardrobe….I will share more later, but I leave you with my most frequently worn footwear at the moment:

Nothing beats a pair of UGGs in winter!

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