Day 15: An update on a sewing project.

I must say I have been feeling so supported and loved after yesterday’s post, and just a little bit lighter from shedding some baggage…so thank you to those who took the time to read, like and/or comment on my post. It’s very much appreciated.

Today is a little bit lighter, and back to the creative stuff I love. I had sewing class today, so the focus is on the little dress I’m making in preparation for spring/summer (which I am sooooo looking forward to). Some of you may remember I posted about the lovely Liberty fabric I bought for this dress….if not, you can read about it here. It was the first post of my post-a-day challenge for August (and just as an aside, it’s made such a difference to have this mini-challenge going…I’m really enjoying the writing!).

As the pattern I am using was drafted from a Japanese pattern book, I decided to make the dress up in calico first to see how the fit was. As mentioned previously, I do not have the same physique as a typical Japanese woman. (I also apologise for the quality of the photos..these were just taken with my iPhone. I also wish I had a dress form on which to place my creations…but alas, not at this time).

So here is the calico…


You can see I have made some slight adjustments to the sleeves – inserted some extra fabric as they were a little bit tight, I’m also dropping the armhole slightly in the final version. The darts will also be adjusted to accommodate my more womanly form 🙂

Here you can see more closely the adjustments to the sleeve and the new markings for the darts.

With the fit checked after these adjustments, I was ready to cut and start doing the dress proper. Unfortunately ran out of time so was only able to start on joining the back bodice to the skirt back, but you can see now how lovely the fabric is made up….can’t wait to finish this 🙂

Yummy Liberty fabric.

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