Day 12: Mosaic love

As I read many of the blogs I follow I have noticed that many people use images that are a photo-collage, or mosaic, effect to display a number of images. I’m probably quite late to the game, but I finally went in search of an app to help me do this on my phone and found one last night! So today has been about playing with that and starting a new quilt.

So, today I can give you a nice summary of what I’ve been up to today using the app.

A busy Sunday

Quilt will probably be for hubby to take on MTB trips!

What fun I will have with this app now! The app is Frametastic. It was free and had good ratings at the App store. What others do people use?

I’m also excited about the quilt…it’s so bright and quick….I’ve already made up 10 of the 63 squares that will need to be done. Yay! Happy Sunday everyone!

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