Day 8: Riding in Cars

Driving in the car today one of my favourite songs at the moment came on warranting an increase in volume and mandatory head nodding along with some awesome, at the top of my voice singing!! The song was Beyonce’s “I was Here”. It got me thinking about my Top 10 songs to belt out to in the car. There is something therapeutic about the whole act.

The following, therefore, is my list (in no particular order) that, at some time, have been on high rotation in the car whenever I’ve been on my own:

  • Dream On – Aerosmith (even the Glee version will do….it’s got Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) in it!!)
  • Edge of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks. How can you not sing your heart out to this?
  • Gold – Spandau Ballet
  • F*** You – Lily Allen … a particularly good song at the end of a tough day at work.
  • You Sound Like Louis Burdett – The Whitlams. Reminds me of my Canberra friends.
  • I Am The One and Only – Chesney Hawkes
  • Your Song – the version from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack
  • Rodeo – Garth Brooks (actually anything from Garth is fine with me). It reminds me of my uni days in Armidale…good times.
  • Kids – Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue
  • Club Tropicana – Wham

What do you like to belt out in the car?

5 thoughts on “Day 8: Riding in Cars

  1. Hey Tash I was awed by the range and variety in your list……. it reflects that choice in music is often influenced by mood rather than narrowed to one genre. I dont have a “car” list but I think I shall reflect upon a list of a similar sort. G

  2. Okay, I have spent a few days thinking and have come up with the list that consistently makes me sing, very loudly, whilst also believing that I look really cool to the car next door.
    My list:
    I am Woman – From Sex and the City 2. never fails to give me an utter buzz and I have a daydream about singing this with all my friends!
    summer of 69 – Yes, I am an utter Bryan fan.
    Wham Rap – 80’s girl all the way!
    Paradise by the dashboard light – So many memories of singing this with loads of friends and the boys and girls singing their respective parts.
    Dancing Queen – say no more.
    Slipping through my fingers – Mamma Mia, because it makes me cry!
    Saturday Night – a very unknown Fame song. Very fast and very fun to keep up with!
    I’m gonna be, 500miles – Proclaimers – This makes me feel happyand as a lyrics girl, I love the words!
    Hard habit to break – Chicago. Embarrassing, but true!
    And the final one, saved til last, as it is my favourite – Boys of Summer. I love love love it!
    There you go and now, like you I feel the need to go and record them all together somewhere! – suzy

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