Day 4: Dad

I actually had quite a busy day today and spent a lot of it catching up with some friends I hadn’t seen for ages (thanks again, Jane and Amanda), but today’s post is dedicated to my dad.

It’s his birthday today. As expected, when I called home he was ‘at the Bowlo’ waiting for mum to meet him for dinner. I swear my parents have a better social life than we do! It’s always hard to catch them at home.

Dad & I

A dad will always play a big part in any daughter’s life. Many times, even when we don’t think we are doing it, we will compare other men we meet to our dads. Dads are our biggest supporters, and our biggest challengers; they will love you unconditionally and just want you to do your best.

We were lucky kids in that our dad was home every night, we had food on the table and a warm, loving home. Dad would help us with our homework, and on Friday nights (when mum was working) we would get to have fish and chips for dinner with a small can of creaming soda and a freddo frog. We didn’t watch TV, but we listened to records – anything from Strauss to Bill Cosby to Johnny Cash! I think I can still recite Bill Cosby’s 9th St Bridge! He taught me how to dance the same way most dad’s do…with me standing on his feet, wrapping my arms around his legs and swaying side to side.

He loves his rugby league and especially his beloved St George dragons. As kids…heck, even as grown ups, you know you don’t speak to dad when the footy is on!

My dad doesn’t give up. After more than 35 years working at the same place, my dad was made redundant. Even though he was only a few years from retirement age he wasn’t going to just sit back. He, along with my mum, decided they would start their own business and tender for the parcel delivery business in their local area. So at 64 my dad started over…..and hasn’t looked back. He loves it! He’s our own Postman Pat!

My dad has never asked anything more from me than to do the best job I can at whatever I do, be happy, and don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking! Not a day goes by when I’m not reminded of something my dad has told me or taught me. Love you Donnie…happy birthday xxxxx

Dad walking me down the aisle.

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