Day 3: Some days are harder than others.

A bit of a mixed day today to be honest. Nothing to report on the projects front as I had a few chores to do.

I did start the day well with a Hatha Yoga class this morning. I hadn’t been for a while and it definitely felt good to focus on elongating the body, and to calm the mind. I am definitely someone who prefers to be in control. I like to have all the facts, to know exactly what’s going on with things that are important to me. This past year I have definitely learned to relax that approach a little bit, but some days I don’t succeed. Today was one of those days. Today I found myself stressing about a situation that I have limited control over. I kept reminding myself “you can only control the controllables”, and it helped to a point.

Keeping busy was the best solution! So, with lists in hand hubby and I headed out. One of our stops was Victoria’s Basement in Artarmon, as a new non-stick fry pan was needed (so disappointed the Anolon pan we got as a wedding gift has lost all it’s non-stickiness and I don’t want to be ingesting and teflon-type residue with my meals…awaiting reply from Anolon customer service as product has lifetime guarantee!!). Hubby knew I was after some egg cups. I can’t believe I have gotten to my age without having owned an egg cup! Lately I have rediscovered the simplicity of a boiled egg (with toast soldiers!) for breakfast.

He found me these…

My new motto!

I thought these were perfect! And now everyday (or maybe every second day, because an egg a day might be a bit much) I will be reminded that I can’t stress about the things I can’t control. I can only keep moving forward, doing all I can to encourage the things I do want to happen to actually happen.

Tomorrow will be better 🙂

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