Day 2: Drunkard’s Path

It’s almost the end of the day here in Oz, but there’s still time to get my post in for the day! Today it’s been all about my sampler quilt. I’ve only got 3 more blocks to complete before I piece the top of the quilt together. All that’s left is a curves block, a reverse appliqué block, and a foundation piecing block.

Today was all about completing the curves block. The sampler quilt I am learning has a curved star block in it. The last few weeks though, our regular teacher has been away on holidays and we couldn’t find the template for the curved star block anywhere. So a plan B was initiated. After searching through books of traditional quilt blocks I decided on a variation of a Drunkard’s Path block, called a Fool’s Puzzle (I love the names of some of these blocks).

So, fabrics selected I went to work marking out, cutting and piecing it all together!

All the pieces needed for the final block.

Now remember people…this quilt is all being hand sewn…so the stitching might not look even and lovely like you get from a machine 🙂

One of the 16 individual squares done!

Then it’s on to putting together a 4-block….

Hard at work while watching the Olympics!

My first 4-block probably took me about an hour to piece together….I was watching the Rowing at London 2012 on TV and there were some amazing finals on I kept getting distracted! (Congrats to the Kiwi mens pair and the South African coxless fours for winning gold!)

Four Block

Then once all 4 x 4 blocks are completed, you piece them all together!

Fool’s Puzzle!

I had fun putting this together but, my word, curves are fiddly. I have stab wounds in my fingers from trying to line up my 1/4 inch seams! I think the final product is worth it…and it will be something different from the sampler quilt everyone else in the class is learning. I like to give things a personal touch.

Hope to have a final update on the top of the sampler quilt before the month is done!

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Drunkard’s Path

  1. Nice Nails! Symmetry and chaos combined I like it but definately would have reached the limit of my patience with the first block. G

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