Day 1: A post a day in August

When I started this blog I had every intention of posting on a regular basis, but for some reason (life getting in the way) that hasn’t happened. So I have set myself a challenge for the month of August to write at least 1 blog post per day during the month. The posts will be about something significant that happened to me, or that I did, during that day.

So, on to today’s post….

It being Wednesday meant that I had sewing class to go to this morning. I love these classes, held each week during school term. Kerrie, our sewing teacher, was made for teaching. She is so patient, always cheerful, always happy to offer advice or assistance, and so very talented. I started coming to Kerrie’s general sewing class to ‘get back on the horse’ after 15 years or more of not touching my Janome, and I haven’t looked back.

At the moment I have 2 or 3 garments on the go, mostly as I keep choosing challenging patterns to make, but also because I am losing weight at the moment and I keep having to  resize the garments! So we decided last week that in order for me to not feel despondent about not finishing anything recently, that I need to pick something quick and easy to make that I can wear now and in the future.

Of course, those who know me, will not be surprised that I have chosen something that still has a bit of a challenge to it! I have chosen to make a tunic dress from this book …in fact it’s the dress on the front cover. Looks simple enough right….yeah well, I have to give it my own twist 🙂

Tunic dress

Now, I don’t have the same physique as the model…I definitely have curves! I have similar styles to this in my wardrobe though, so I know I can make it work. To keep it interesting though, I am going to change it up a bit. Whilst at my favourite fabric store close to home I found two gorgeous Liberty of London prints that I couldn’t resist…

Liberty of London

The floral print will be used for the main dress, but I am going to use the ‘matchstick’ print to add a border hem, and some bias binding or even reverse the facings on the neckline. I will possibly include some of it in the pocket detail as well. What do you think? I love these 2 fabrics!

So this morning’s class was spent drafting up the pattern …something I had never done until this year.

Pattern pieces drafted.

My homework is to make it in calico to check the fit…and then next week we can get stuck in! So excited by this one 🙂  I have 70cm of the matchstick fabric and 2.4m of the navy floral fabric. If anyone has any other suggestions for mixing the two fabrics in this pattern I would love to hear them.

Yay, Day 1 done!

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