A sense of achievement

This post has been a long time coming as I needed to wait until my sister in law had received the package before I could write about this project. As she lives in the UK it meant I had a bit of a wait on my hands…but I’m so pleased to say she has received it, and by all accounts she loves it. “But what is it?” I hear you asking.

Well, I can’t take credit for the concept or pattern for this project …all credit for this goes to the very talented Claire from Craft Schmaft . A few months ago, whilst I was contemplating life and this blog I came across Claire’s blog and was immediately inspired. At about the same time as a new pattern had been launched at Craft Schmaft for a hot air balloon mobile we got news that hubby’s sister was 7 weeks pregnant. I immediately purchased the pdf pattern, printed it off and started planning.

Being on the other side of the world to family can sometimes be quite tough, especially when significant life moments occur, but this is life these days so you just have to make the best of them. This baby is the first on both hubby’s and my sides of the family, so it’s a big deal. I also want this to be the beginning of a tradition I can start for my siblings and siblings-in-law to let them know that even though I’m far away they are still very important to me.

So after printing off the pattern it was time for the really fun stuff…fabric selection. Now, K & W (the proud parents to be) are no wallflowers, and a lime green kitchen with high gloss black kitchen cabinets I think is testament to that. I figured then, that brights were the way to go…whilst still keeping the mobile gender neutral.

And so here is the finished mobile….

Up, up and away!

Don’t you just love the little clouds floating in there amongst the balloons!

I will say, that while the pattern states machine sewing the balloons, I actually did everything by hand ….I think I was still very excited about starting my first quilt that I just kept going with it. I don’t feel it’s affected the quality of the end product at all….and it certainly makes me feel even prouder of it.

Now I did make one little “mistake” in there! It was a cutting error with the fabric for the hearts balloon.

Sending love over the airways!

The love hearts are upside down…but my reasoning is that this stops all the love from falling out the bottom of the heart!

My other favourite balloon is the spotty balloon….the bunting was so much fun to make, even if a tiny bit fiddly to attach…all worth it though.

Spotty balloon.

The other challenging, but fun, part of the mobile to make were the felt baskets and creating the weave effect. The photos above don’t show it very well unfortunately, but I was really pleased with the end result. Such tiny pieces of felt to work with, but they looked great in the end.

At the same time I sent this mobile over I also included a couple of other handmade gifts for baby Fleming, but I’ll save those for another post. Now we just wait for news of baby Fleming’s arrival (due in November) and then we will also know if it’s a boy or a girl…then it’s game on for some more fun projects!

12 thoughts on “A sense of achievement

  1. I love it all!! You did an amazing job and once all the baby furniture arrives it will take pride of place on the cot!
    Really means so much that you made it and I think the tradition you’ve started is fab! If only I was so creative!!

    Love K xxx

  2. Oh it’s just gorgeous Natasha, you did an amazing job! I do tell people that they really need a sewing machine but you have completely changed my mind. Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, I’m so glad you enjoyed the pattern.

    • Thanks so much Claire. That means a lot coming from the creator of the pattern 🙂 I probably will do the next one by machine, so I can finish quicker…but it certainly gave me good practise with hand sewing 🙂

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