Progress Report – My first quilt

I thought it time to update everyone as to the progress of my attempt at quilting. I have to say, after 4 beginner classes I am feeling rather pleased with how things are progressing.

I have also discovered that quilting is quite an obsessive ‘sport’. There are so many projects to love, so many fat quarters/bindings/glue pens/templates etc to buy that you soon end up with a house that almost looks like your favourite quilting shop you bought everything from! Here’s a quick peak at some recent fabric purchases…

Like I need more fabric 🙂

But I digress…I’m here to talk about my beginner sampler quilt. The quilt I am starting out learning is a sampler quilt designed by Heather who is the tutor for the Thursday Beginners Class at The Cottage Quiltworks (my local). Here is Heather’s quilt that I will be attempting to replicate…

My inspiration … pattern and quilt by Heather – tutor at The Cottage Quiltworks.

Unfortunately this shot doesn’t show the main feature I love about this quilt, and that is the knitted border (you can see a smudge of it in the top left corner of the pic). But more on that in a future blog.

You’ve seen the first 2 blocks I’ve made in a previous post, so the following are shots of the next 2 blocks….

Dresden Plate

I quite enjoyed this one…and it’s started a game …how many different fabrics will this quilt contain by the time it’s finished…well this block has 22 all on it’s own!

Butterfly Block…not quite finished

Finally..the butterfly block. In this pic it’s not all sewn together, but I promise you I have finished it now.

The next lot of blocks are all appliquĂ© blocks…but I will save that for another post!

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