A Gorgeous Day for Shooting

What a beautiful Autumn day in Sydney! I love this time of year…and today was a gorgeous example of it…26 degrees (Celsius) with the sun out all day. So, what better way to start the day than to head down to Manly beach for a walk and to get some of my photography homework done.

This week’s assignment was to play with shutter speeds and depth of field. We each had to submit 4 images with one image each to represent the following:

  1. Photograph a fast moving subject using a high shutter speed
  2. Photograph a moving subject while ‘panning’
  3. Deep depth of field
  4. Shallow depth of field

Sooooo, here is what I submitted…

Surf’s Up!

OK, so I only had my 16-85mm lens with me today but not bad still right? This was shot at 85mm, 1/800s at f8, ISO 200. 7am in Manly doesn’t look so bad though does it??

Cycling to Work

I love the corso at Manly. You can be guaranteed (even on the worst of days) to have lots of people around, and chances are there will always be someone/something to capture. This one was submitted for my panning shot (obvs!). It was the best of the bunch….whilst I got my cyclist pretty much in focus I still think it could be a bit better. I’ve certainly learned the follow through of the panning after the shot is taken is sooo important to ending up with a good shot. It’s a technique to keep on practising that’s for sure. Details for those interested…42mm, 1/40s at f25, ISO 200.

Volleyball Action

I’m a bit ho-hum about this one. It’s the composition I think…it doesn’t quite feel right. Submitted as deep DOF example. 24mm, 1/50s at f18, ISO 200.

Eclectic Reading Material

This one obviously wasn’t shot in Manly…I thought I should shake it up a bit! It does give you some insights into my various interests though! Shallow DOF example – 16mm, 1/20s at f3.5, ISO 200.

So there we have it! Time to go to class now and see what teacher says!

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