Letting go

It’s time to bite the bullet and get these ‘thoughts’ out into the world. I’m not sure why I’ve hesitated, as I’m sure it may only be my nearest and dearest who read this blog in the beginning, but it’s the hesitation that forms a big part of why I am doing this. I need to stop worrying too much about whether people like what I do or not, and just focus on how much I enjoy what I do. So here goes…..

As photography is high on my list of passions I think it’s fitting that my first post contain a selection of my favourite shots I’ve taken over the past few years. Now bear with me, I’m certainly not a pro, but a keen amateur who has a great ambition to get better!

I thought it would have been an easy task to find 5 photos to share with you…that was until I realised how many photos I have taken over the past few years. And what’s worse, is that I haven’t yet done anything with them (this includes Photoshopping, or even printing some of them). But you have to start somewhere…

1. Paris

2. The Eiffel Tower

These first two shots are from Hubby’s and my most recent trip to Paris in September. The black and white is an homage to “Midnight in Paris”. How awesome would it be to experience Paris in the 1920’s?

3. Morning break on safari

4. Lady Leopard…such grace and beauty

Aaahhh…our safari honeymoon in Zambia! Good times!

5. World MTB Championships 2011, Champery Switzerland

This one could divide a few people; it’s not my hubby’s favourite (and as he’s the mountain biker in the family that means something), but I love the movement in this shot. This was taken in a forested area which was quite dark. It was taken around mid-afternoon, so lighting wasn’t great. Taking the shots on the day definitely forced me to move out of my comfort zone a little…but I think it was worth it.

OK…so that wasn’t so bad! Time to hit the “Publish” button …

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