A Lovely Year of Finishes: March Goal (take 3)

So far 2015 hasn’t been kind to me in terms of getting things done. Thankfully things have improved in the last few days, but for 5 weeks straight I’ve been dealing with health problems- either my own or Peanut’s. I’m not going to go into details, I’m just thankful we are all well again.
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A Lovely Year of Finishes: February Goal

Well this one may look familiar, yes…it’s my January goal. Unfortunately since the last week of January I have been quite unwell and unable to do anything much. Just managing to look after my toddler is as much as I’ve been able to manage (and some days it’s been tough to do that!).
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WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The eighteenth


Uh oh…sort of poor progress this week due to illness. I’ve been sick since Sunday with persistent nausea (but no vomitting), dizziness, fatigue, and a bad tummy (I won’t go into detail!!)…and alas, it’s not for the reasons I hoped for. Continue reading WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday): The eighteenth

WIP Wednesday: The seventeenth


OK, I’m back to my WIP Wednesday posts after a break for Christmas and New Years. I’m pleased to say I have actually been working on a few things this past week. In fact, if you follow me on Instagram some of this won’t be a surprise… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: The seventeenth

Aussie Modern Instabee 2014 Round Up

2014 saw me participate in my first ever online quilting bee. The Aussie Modern Instabee ran alongside the US-based Modern Instabee which was to focus on making blocks from Lindsay Conner’s book: Modern Bee. There was so much interest from Australian quilters to participate that our own Instabee groups formed.

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Finish Along 2015- My Q1 List

A new year, a new Finish Along series. This year the Finish Along is being hosted by Adrienne at On The Windy Side. If you are someone like me who needs a bit of a publicised goal to be held accountable to in order to finish some things, then this will be the thing for you :)

For those of you who read my posts religiously (haha!!) this list is going to look terribly familiar. It’s almost a complete copy of my Q4 list last year. That’s right, I didn’t finish any of those WIPs!! Oh well, no point dwelling, let’s get on with it. Continue reading Finish Along 2015- My Q1 List



Here I go again making a list!! Earlier this week I posted about my goals for 2015 … they were more general, life-encompassing hopes and desires for what I want to achieve in 2015. This list is more focussed and centred around my creative goals, and oh there are many!! Continue reading MUST MAKE LIST 2015

What is This Year all about?

Image source: Death to the Stock Photo

I’ve taken a bit of time to write this post as I wanted to put a bit more thought into it than I feel have done in previous years. When I sit back and think about my goal-setting process in the past I can honestly say it’s been a little less considered than it should have been, and quite possibly a big part of why I have not followed through on certain things as I would have liked to. Continue reading What is This Year all about?

A Lovely Year of Finishes: January Goal

I am yet to publish my posts outlining my 2015 Goals, and my Must Make List for 2015, so I am jumping the gun a little with this post. A Lovely Year of Finishes is a tool I plan on using this year to keep me on track with finishing my projects this year. Each month we link up twice a month…once to outline the project(s) you want to complete that month, and the second is to write about the completed project(s). So it means today I need to state my goal for January. Continue reading A Lovely Year of Finishes: January Goal

A Handmade Christmas – Part Four

Welcome to the last post in my “A Handmade Christmas” series. I only managed 4 handmade gifts this past Christmas, but now I feel a bit more confident with balancing time to create and time to be with the family I think I will be able to manage more for the 2015 Christmas. Continue reading A Handmade Christmas – Part Four